Suicidal Assessment

On our 5oth show, Dave and Bryan talk with Peter Binnings, LCSW about signs and symptoms people should look for if they have concerns that someone they know may be suicidal. Suicidal Assessment

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Death With Dignity Laws

Dave and Bryan discuss the controversial topic surrounding Brittany Maynard’s decision to end her own life after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. Death With Dignity Laws

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Life of a Financial Trader

Dave and Bryan talk investments with Jesse, a day trader of different financial products. Learn some interesting ways to think about investing for your future. S4E4  Life of a Financial Trader

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Can Men Be Organized?

Dave and Bryan speak with Dan about the myth of men not being the clean ones in the home. This entertaining conversation debunks the traditional perspective that men like to live in filth. S4E3__Can Men Be Organized_

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Achieving Goals and Objectives

Dave and Bryan start off talking about New Year’s Resolutions and discuss the difference between goals and objectives. Achieving your goals is a hard task, Dave and Bryan offer some strategies on setting goals and objectives and how to make them achievable.  S4E2__Goal Achievement

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Marijuana Legalization

Dave and Bryan start off Season 4 with a topic that has been in the news. Dave and Bryan discuss the subject of the legalization of marijuana and the possible implications of the drug becoming legal. S4E1 Marijuana Legalization


S3E11 Happy Holidays from Dave and Bryan 12/23/2014

A very short show today as Dave and Bryan wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We’ll be back in January with all new episodes. S3E13__Happy Holidays 2014

S3E10 Magic Of Music 12/16/2014

Dave and Bryan speak with Tim Rood about the power of music in the lives of people. Discussion includes the biological changes in the brain and how music can change moods and attitudes. S3E12 Magic of Music

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S3E9 Parenting Challanges Part 2 12/9/2014

Continuing the conversation from last week, Dave and Bryan discuss options and information Leslie might want to consider when dealing with her ex-spouse.  S3E11 Parenting Challenges P2

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S3E9 Parenting Challanges Part 1 12/2/2014

Dave and Bryan talk with a listener, Leslie about some issues and questions that she in co-parenting with her ex-husband. Dave and Bryan discuss her question and talk about things she might want to consider in helping her co-parent.S3E10 Parenting Challenges P1

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